Choosing a Bed Style That’s Right For You

Dated: 01/01/2019

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Choosing a Bed Style That’s Right For You

Since beds are typically the focal points of most bedrooms, the pressure is on when it comes to choosing a style. Casual or formal? High-end or budget? Here are our top picks, along with their pros and cons.

Sleigh. The hallmark of sleigh beds is their curving headboard and footboards. They are most commonly made out of wood, but come in upholstery and metals. More modern styles have subtler curves and footboards with a variety of heights.

Advantages: Sleigh beds offer a luxurious feel to any bedroom and fit many different styles ranging from traditional to contemporary.

Disadvantages: Traditional hardwood sleigh beds are heavy and more expensive than some other types of beds. Some owners complain bed-making is difficult.

Four-poster/canopy. Four-poster beds consist of a bed frame with a tall post at each corner. Canopy beds have an additional horizontal frame atop the posts, which can be used to drape fabric.

Advantages: These beds are dramatic and can provide privacy. They come in a variety of aesthetics ranging from simple, modern metal frames to ornately-carved hardwood. Chances are you’ll be able to find a style that works well in your bedroom.

Disadvantages: These high-impact pieces tend to be large, so they don’t work well in small bedrooms or rooms with low ceilings. They can be pricey, depending on the materials. Some owners complain that bed-making is difficult.

Platform. These minimalist bed frames are made up of flat, solid bases. The mattress sits directly on top of a support without a box spring. Many platform beds are made of wood, but upholstered, metal, and leather versions are available. Some even have storage built into their bases. They work best in modern, contemporary, and Zen-style rooms.

Advantages: You won’t need a box spring, so you’ll save money. Also, the low profile of a platform bed won’t obstruct the view of the rest of the room, making it appear larger.

Disadvantages: Platform beds are usually low to the ground, so they can be difficult to get in or out of, especially for people with mobility issues.

Daybed. These versatile beds consist of three-sided frames made of wood, metal, or upholstery that house twin-size mattresses. Daybeds are multifunctional — when not being used for sleep, they make great couches. They come in a multitude of styles. Some even have trundles or drawers below that can be used for an extra mattress or storage.

Advantages: Daybeds are a great option for children’s rooms, dens, and guest bedrooms. They work well in small spaces and are typically affordable.

Disadvantages: Because daybeds are usually twin sized, they aren’t comfortable for everyone. The three-sided frame can make bed-making a challenge.

Headboards. An increasingly popular option is to use a headboard only. Starting at under $200, headboards are an affordable purchase. Or, if you like DIY projects, make a tufted headboard out of a piece of mdf, batting, a staple gun, and stylish fabric. Or upcycle an old door into a one-of-a-kind headboard. Use your imagination — the options are limitless.

Advantages: Fabric headboards have become increasingly popular among those who read and watch TV while in bed. Without a footboard, bed-making is a breeze.

Disadvantages:  While some headboards attach to a standard metal bed frame, others must be attached to the wall. When moving or rearranging furniture, this can be a major drawback requiring wall repair and repainting.

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